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5. Summer Bedtime Books

Don't forget, you are on vacation and vacation is fun! Some new vacation themed bedtime stories are a great way to get your kiddo's excited about winding down for sleep.  Here is our top 10 favourite titles:

  1. Goodnight Campsite
  2. How I spent my summer vacation
  3. Do Princesses Make Happy Campers?
  4. 1,2,3 by the Sea
  5. Summer Days and Nights
  6. Beach Baby
  7. Sun Sun
  8. The Summer Visitors
  9. I See Summer
  10. Shadow books are a big hit with our little guy- Whooo's there, Night Time Faires & Up Up and away

4. Beds and bedding

  • A great solution for napping at the cottage or beach is using a foldable baby travel tent with mosquito netting and SPF sun shade.  We also used this inside our trailer and when visiting family instead of lugging around a big pack and play.

  • Using light blankets such as a muslin swaddle is great for warm temperatures.  I love all of the beautiful patterns fromAden and Anais especially the flamingos!

2. Blocking out exterior noises

No matter what it seems we get the nosiest hotel neighbours, or end up beside the ice machine.  And we always seem to end up beside a campsite of joyful campers who not have napping/early bedtime aged kids.   Blocking out exterior sounds is imperative at bedtime.   For younger babies providing sound to help lull babe back to sleep when they are still not able to link their sleep cycles is also really helpful. 

Here is my favourite travel white noise machine by HoMedics.  It's battery operated and is also great for stroller naps and to help lengthen out car naps too!

If your looking for a versatile    

machine for both home and travel this one has lasted 3 years in my home and dozens of trips.

  • Camping in a tent and not sure how to tackle this issue?  If always suggest a spot that puts your tent in the shade for daytime naps/early evening, try putting your tent under a canopy/tarp.  We really like the option of adding walls to our Coleman canopy.   It helps block out the late afternoon sun and create shade when we maybe wouldn't have any.

1.On-the-go Blackout Blind Solutions 

I have 3 products that I recommend for on-the-go room darkening solutions for staying in a -hotel, home, RV, cottage or tent.  The first has been an absolute life saver for us, and we actually own two because of some larger window's we've encountered at a family members house. 

  • The Gro anywhere blind-  All 4 sides of this 130cm X 200cm black out blind has suction cups.  This bad-boy has blocked out mid-day blazing sun in Arizona and kept the room considerably cooler too.  It's easy to pack in your suitcase, hang up and remove if you are staying at a few places while you are away.

  • If you are looking for a custom-fit black out window covering solution for your RV the Blackoutez is the perfect fit solution. Installation is EASY.  You don't need to remove existing blinds or use any tools. Because they are custom made the fit is perfect with edge to edge covering so no daylight can peeking through.

3. Bedtime helpers

  • Glow sticks-  Are so fun for camping or the cottage and if your little one is used to a night light there is no better way to create excitement for bedtime than using glow sticks as your night light!  The fun of picking one, cracking it and watching it glow will have your little one asking for bedtime every night.  We usually pick up a pack of 100 glow bracelets so we can use a few a night and chain them together for a bit of extra light.

  • Flashlights/Head lamp- ​are also great to use to encourage comfort sleeping in a new space and having access to a light (specifically for preschoolers).  We also have recommended a few great bedtime books below that you need a flashlight for reading!
Travel Black-out Blind


If you have been tuning in on social media you have probably seen our 12 tips for summer travel sleep. Whether you have a newborn, toddler or preschooler the change to their daily route will throw them for a loop.  We often see the impact in behaviour, at meal time and bedtime (or naps.). Predictability and knowing what they can expect is the quickest way to get your kids back on track with sleep when away from home.  How you execute bedtime routine and communicate with your kiddo's about sleep expectations is going to bed the key to your overall enjoyment.  Here I have put together a shortlist of tried tested and true products that can help with making sleepy time a lot easier when your away on vacation.

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