A comfortable, safe, sleep environment is helpful in making both nap time and bedtime easier it has also proven to assist in lengthening out sleep durations. 

 Your baby can sleep in a crib/bassinet in your room or in a crib/bassinet in their own room. The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends room sharing for up to 6 months because that is when the risk of SIDS decreases.  However, the decision is up to you and you have to do what works for you and your baby. In either location, you can be very successful in teaching your baby to sleep well.  

Below is a list of items to help you create the ideal sleep environment for your little one. 


  • Remove things like diaper pails/diaper genies from your babies room.  NO one would sleep well with wafts of dirty diaper.
  • ​Make sure that there are no distractions in the crib like mobiles, light projectors or baby aquariums that attach to the crib.
  • Diffuse essential oils of Lavender and Roman camomile in your baby's room for calming effects.

3.Swaddles and sleep sacks

Babies up to 9 months of age sleep better when elements of the womb are used as part of the sleep environment.   Children newborn- 5 months of age are commonly put to sleep in a sleeper and a swaddle/swaddle sack. the tight wrap mimics the space restrictions from inside of the womb and it also helps reduce a baby from waking themselves with the Moro Reflex.

​These are my top swaddle/swaddle sack recommendations for newborns:

  • I love a good swaddle sack.  I find its far less frustrating to use a sack and one that has transitions so your baby can grow with it as they transition out of having their arms swaddled.  The Nested Bean ​Classic Zen Swaddle is easy to use and its weighted patch mimics touch and pressure on the chest felt in the womb.
  •  The Halo swaddle sack with transitions is one that gives you room to grow as you start to transition your baby's arms out of the swaddle. 

​Once children start rolling, it's time to transition out of the swaddle. This transition can be tricky but with time your baby will get used to sleeping arms free.   Since blankets are not age appropriate the sleep sack is fantastic to transition to.   Sleep sacks come in a variety of sizes, materials and way's they do-up.    I prefer ones with zippers at the bottom ( you can unzip it for an instant cool down, and easy access for a diaper change,). and snaps at the shoulders. 

​​These are my top swaddle transition sack

  • TheZipadee Zip is a wonderful transition sack.  Your baby might look like they are ready to take flight in this bat-wing like suit, but its known to be number one on the market for helping your baby transition from a swaddle to a sleep sack.

Here are my top Sleep Sack recommendations:

  • ​The Classic Nested Bean sleep sack is an incredible product that offers a weighted patch over the chest.  Like a weighted blanked this is very comforting, and also mimics the pressure on the chest from the fluid inside the womb. 

2.Blocking out exterior noises

No matter what, my neighbour would cut his law at nap time. Or the guy with the big diesel truck would fire it up RIGHT at bed time. We also seem to get the nosiest hotel neighbours, or end up beside the ice machine.  No matter where you are, blocking out exterior sounds is imperative at bedtime.   For younger babies providing sound to help lull babe back to sleep when they are still not able to link their sleep cycles is also really helpful. 

  • ​The Dohm is the highest recommended sound machine on the market. It's reviews speak for it's self.

  • We have the Dreamegg it still works great 4 years later. I like that it's portable and rechargeable.

4.Sleep spaces

Often baby's outgrow the bassinet well before they are ready to transition into their own room.  I always suggest a product like the Graco Pack N' Play- on the go.  This model is their travel size so it's perfect to have in your bedroom.  There is a bassinet level for the mattress and the lower level for once baby is bigger.

  • Bassinets that rock like this one can be soothing for your baby.  If you don't have space for a pack n play this Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Wood model is lovely with breathable mesh

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  Creating the ideal sleep environment 

1.Blackout Blind Solutions 

Sleeping in complete darkness is imperative for good sleep, this is the case for all ages.  want to learn more? Head over here to read all about it.

I have 2 products that I recommend for room darkening solutions.

  • The Gro anywhere blind-  All 4 sides of this 130cm X 200cm black out blind has suction cups.  This bad-boy has blocked out mid-day blazing sun in Arizona and kept the room considerably cooler too.  It's easy to pack in your suitcase, hang up and remove if you are staying at a few places while you are away.

  • If you are looking for a permanent custom-fit black out window covering Blackoutez is the perfect fit solution. Installation is EASY.  You don't need to remove existing blinds or use any tools. Because they are custom made the fit is perfect with edge to edge covering so no daylight can peeking through.  This is an investment that you will use with your child ( especially in summer months) until they are old enough to understand why the sun is still up at bedtime June-August.