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"We reached out for help with our 22 month old and our 4.5 month olds sleep.   I was co-sleeping and still up 1-2 times a night with our eldest. My biggest fear was that making changes would impact breast feeding the baby and Alison was encouraging and 100% supportive of me continuing to breastfeed. Her methods are gentle and were supportive of our parenting style. Alison is professional and truly cared about our family. We don't have any family support in Calgary, so having a person who could support us through this process meant the world to my husband and I. My only regret is not doing this sooner with our oldest child. I can't say it enough, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."                                                          

-Katrina, a mom who's life was changed for ever

"My husband works out of town and I had been co-sleeping with our son for over a year.  With a baby on the way we knew we needed to get Alex's sleep sorted out.  Alison gave me the confidence to make changes and the support to get through the transition.  Our son isn't waking in the night to feed and sleeps 12+ hours in his own bed.

-Leanne, Mother of two under 3 years.

 "Where do I start! I thought I could get my sweet Lydia to sleep on her own but well I admit I was wrong! 
I finally made the decision to hire a sleep coach. After lots of research I decided to contact Ali and well it was the best money I EVER spent! The first few nights were rough but well it was all new to her and she was protesting hard. The support and guidance I got from Ali helped me get through and I am SO glad I stuck with it!
She is napping in her crib, alone and NOT on me! It's so nice to get house things done or even just rest myself. 
At night she is asleep by 6:30-7 so I can enjoy the evening with my 5 year old and husband or have some mommy time! Before I was lucky to get her into bed at 10:30pm!
For anyone thinking or struggling with sleep it's a no brainer hire a sleep coach that fits your family and enjoy your baby the way your supposed to!
Thank you Ali with all our hearts, the happy and rested Knight Family!!

-Lindsay, mom of a 4 month old.

"We connected with Alison when our little guy was about 3 months old and it was the best choice I could have made for our sleep journey as a family! Not only is she knowledgeable about infant and toddler sleep, she also genuinely cares about you and you can feel that from the very beginning of the relationship. I could tell there was passion behind what she does, and that she was invested in our experience and in our success. 
With her help and guidance, Harvey has learned to put himself to sleep! There are always days with sleep struggles and change always brings about new challenges with sleep but the biggest tool I have gained from my experience with Alison is the confidence to make decisions about Harvey’s sleep. I know now that with consistency and love, we will all adapt to the changes and he will be well rested and ready for the world ahead! 
Thank you Alison, truly, from the bottom or our hearts.

-Kelsey, mom who started with sleep shaping at 3 months and only needed a few tweaks during their first year of sleep!

"Alison helped us beyond words can describe with McKinleys sleep. If you are a mom and wheather you have sleep issues or not with your little one like her page and sign up for weekly tips! Its always interesting info and you can even ask her individual questions on her page about your little one. Alison is great! "

-Heather, Mom of a 5 ½ week old.

"Day 3.. he has stopped night feedings and is sleeping through the night all on his own♡ Thank you X a million!!"

-Kristan, Mom of an 9 month old

"Our progress with our daughter has been GROUND BREAKING. Naps are so unbelievable I find myself needing to pinch myself, is this reality!?  Her naps are 2 hours long!  Yesterday a 2hr 40 minute nap followed by a 2 hour afternoon nap.  This afternoon is at the same time as my 2 year olds afternoon nap, so you can imagine how lovely that is for me. She now puts herself to sleep 100% of the time. She enjoys her naps and bedtime and may fuss a bit but most time goes down without a peep."                

-Christie an over joyed mother of a 2 year and a 6 month old

"I had a wonderful experience with Alison in helping me to get my little munchkin in a better routine. I had an idea what to do but needed the support in letting me know it was ok to set the routine and be consistent. I needed help around the 6 month mark when enough was enough and I wanted some sleep back! I was able to put her down to sleep without bottle or rocking and napped and slept through the night like a champ within a week. Of course there are setbacks but I decide and know now how much routine affects her sleep and make the choice to stick to it when I can, realizing that life is life and we can't be glued at home!

I think that's what I appreciated most - Alison was willing to work with me and accept the fact that with a busy life on the farm, there are times we just have to get up and go, whether its nap time or not, and supported me to do the best I can with the unknowns. I too thought I should be able to figure this out for myself, and like I say it wasn't that I didn't have an inkling - but putting it into structure and support I received was what I needed to make things work for us. Thanks Alison!!

-Kyra, Mom of a 5 month old

"We were terrified of transitioning our daughter out of the crib.  Alison gave us sound advice, walked us through the process, and gave us seem fantastic tools to keep us and Mable accountable."   

-Lisa, Mother of a 3 year old

"When our youngest was born we suddenly realized how bad our oldest child's sleep was.  We hired Alison and she transitioned Ryker into his own room where he finally started sleeping through the night.  She gave us the support and tips to shape the baby's sleep and we have the confidence to be sure we don't make the same mistakes again."

-Lacey, Mother of 2.

"Alison is amazing ! The best part about her advice is that she's gone through it herself! She tailors her advice and plans for each child and is very sensitive to household confounding factors (toddlers, other caregivers, etc) 
If you are looking for sleep and want someone who is knowledgeable and dedicated, ask Alison for help!

 -Megan, Doctor and momma of 2

"My 6 month old was getting up multiple times a night as well as he was not napping well during the day. Since working with Ali during the sleep training process, Matteo naps amazing during the day as well as he sleeps through the night. The whole process was two weeks but we noticed results after just 2-3 days. Ali was super supportive and answered all my questions throughly and quickly. I love waking up every morning feeling well rested. Thanks so much Alison"

-Jennifer, Mom of a 6 month old.

"struggled with my little guy waking up every 20 min or so and for several hours each evening when I found Peaceful Slumber. I was given excellent advice and practical solutions to the issues. It was very easy to do and my boy seemed to take to the new routine right away. He slept through the night with only a few fusses the very first night!!! I cannot recommend or thank Peaceful Slumber enough. It is true that it is short term pain for long term again. I am sleeping again!!! THANK YOU just doesn’t seem like enough.."                                                                          

-Karri, a well rested momma of a 10 month old boy

"When we reached out to Alison at Peaceful Slumber, we were both desperate and confused. At age four months, our son suddenly began waking every 25-45 minutes, all night long, and his naps were never more than 25 minutes, unless he was nursed back to sleep. By the time he was eight months old, we had become so exhausted and had resorted to co-sleeping as a way to survive. We knew we needed to make a drastic change.

Within a few minutes of meeting Alison at Peaceful Slumber we knew we had found the right person. She is very easy to talk to, she is relatable, and she is confident and experienced in infant sleep. We never once felt judged regarding our sleep situation and she never pressured us into doing anything we did not feel comfortable with. Alison's passion for what she does is evident in the way that she goes above and beyond for her clients. We found the best part of her services to be getting answers to specific questions and issues we were encountering very quickly (something none of the books we read could do). Hiring Peaceful Slumber was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our family and were completely amazed by the results! By day two our son's naps were over an hour in length and by night four he was only up once or twice in the night. On night ten our little guy slept though the night for the first time and with a couple additional tweaks by Alison, our son was consistently sleeping 10 hours straight every night, and has been doing this now for the past six months. Alison’s services were invaluable to us and to say that Peaceful Slumber changed our life, feels like an understatement."

-Jenna, a mom's who's life was changed after sleep training her 8 month old.

 "Our 3 week old was not sleeping....wouldn't take naps and refused to sleep during the night. After we got some advice emailed to us, she has been sleeping in her bassinet for 2 and a half hours already. She also would only sleep on me so I was not getting sleep. This is early in the game for us to be trying out these methods but the fact that she has been sleeping since 10am today is a little victory. I am excited to try all the other tips. I am very thankful and will continue to move forward with the teachings we have received. Thank you.."                                                          

- Heidi, a new mom who's getting started on the right foot

"I'm so glad we consulted Alison and were given a plan that worked for our family. I was skeptical going in but the progress our daughter made in two short weeks has been amazing. My husband is already talking about doing this sooner with baby #2 as it would be easier to start off with good habits."

-Nikki, a former sleep deprived mother of an 8 Month old

"I was barely coping with my sleep deprivation and postpartum anxiety.  Alison was so kind and understanding of all of my fears. Her methods are loving and we moved at the pace I was comfortable with. Now that my son is sleeping through the night and I am getting more rest I also feel less anxious!  I can't thank you enough. 

-Melissa- Mother of -Nikko 7 month old

"We had never imagined that our toddler's sleep could suddenly change after being such a good sleeper.  We used the Peaceful Slumber a La Carte Package and after our 30 minute call we were armed with tools to get our son's sleep back on track & a better understanding of how milestones like potty training can throw off a childs sleep.  Thank you Alison!

-Lisa and Aaron parents of a 2 year old 

"It seemed like an impossible feat to get our sweet angel sleeping in her own room.  We had tried everything and gave up time and time again.  Alison was our guiding light.  She gave us a step by step plan that didn't involve leaving our angel to cry. We were comfortable and elated that by night 4 she was falling asleep on her own for 13 hours! 

-Katie and Mark- Parents of Zoe, 6 months old