Help lengthen your little one's daytime naps and avoid bedtime battles by creating an environment conducive for sleep!

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After a number of years using a variety of window covering solutions for my own child, I finally found the perfect room darkening solution -The  Blackoutez window covers and I am thrilled to say they are Sleep Consultant Approved!

  • Installation was EASY. I didn't need to remove out existing blinds or use any tools.

  • The fit was perfect- edge to edge there was no daylight peeking through = Complete darkness.

  • For our oversized Master bedroom (south facing) window we were able to order a custom size blind that is white on the inside with Mylar on the outside to reflect the sun's heat.

  • No more re-sticking suction cups, tape, garbage bags or clothes pins to block out tiny strips of light and, I don't have to worry about mould with some of the paper blind options!

These are also a fantastic solution for keeping it dark when you are camping in a trailer with odd sized windows too!   Camping with a tent and not sure how to tackle this issue?  If possible I alway suggest a spot that puts your tent in the shade for daytime naps/early evening, try putting your tent under a canopy/tarp.  We really like the option of adding walls to our Coleman canopy.   

Interested in talking more about sleep training and how it works? Follow this link to learn more about my Sleep Consultation Services or  Email me and we can book a complimentary phone consultation.  

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, you need a solution to keep your child's room dark for daytime naps, and to block out the sun during the times of year we have more daylight hours.  Have a pesky street light outside your child's bedroom window?  This will help too!

Keeping daylight out of your child's room not only reduces the number of parent-toddler debates about "Mr Sun" still being awake at bedtime but did you also know that:

  • Light inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that naturally promotes sleep.

  • Infants find the dark extremely comforting and it will be a lot easier for your baby to settle and sleep (and stay asleep) in a dark room. 

  • Dark rooms assist infants in falling back to sleep after waking at the top of a sleep cycle, lengthen daytime naps and encourage babies to fall back asleep after that dreaded 4:30 am waking.

The benefits of a Dark room for sleep

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