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All recommendations will be made in accordance with the Canadian Paediatrics Society, Safe Sleep Practices

Sleep struggles won’t just disappear

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but babies won’t outgrow their sleep struggles without help.

This isn’t just a phase. Research strongly supports that infants and children alike need to be taught healthy sleep habits. Babies with sleep difficulties will likely continue to be children with sleep difficulties and perhaps even teenagers and adults with sleep issues! 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started creating healthy sleep habits so you can leave exhaustion behind.

​My approach

Peaceful Slumber recognizes that each child and family is unique. In my sleep practice, I use a variety of methods and tailor sleep plans to take different parenting styles, family values and child temperament into account. I will give you honest information and talk to you about the science behind sleep and why sleep is so important for your child’s well-being, health and development. 

I believe in offering support to children as they learn the important skills for a good night's sleep, and employ the gentlest methods possible with the goal of seeing results in a time frame that is reasonable for each family.  My sleep coaching methods are supportive of breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and infant mental health.

The bottom line is that you, as a parent, need to be comfortable with your new sleep plan in order for it to work for your child!

I will show you how to measure success. No, you shouldn’t expect your child to sleep 12 uninterrupted hours on the first night — although it does happen! I’ll tell you what you should expect along the way.

Ok, let’s talk about “crying”:

My gentle and positive methods do not promote a baby Crying-it-out. I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore their cries.

Can you guarantee “no crying” you might ask? No, no one really can. For example, if you as the parent have taught your child that the way to fall asleep is to be held to sleep for all naps, bedtime and wakings and you decide that you want to change this; your child will naturally protest or resist this change. After all, they don’t know why you have changed your approach. If your child is pre-verbal then they will cry. My goal is to have as little crying as possible. I encourage parents to be loving and responsive but to allow the child the room to learn this vital life skill of putting themselves to sleep. The parent responds and stays with their child and offers physical and verbal reassurance without putting the child to sleep. This supports the development of a secure attachment between parent and child.

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Work With Me

Are you ready for your baby to sleep at night and take long restful naps?​

Improving your child's sleep is our mission!  Providing you with in-home, phone, Skype or Face Time consultations creating individual sleep training plans designed for your unique family. I offer comprehensive sleep coaching packages, with a priority placed on follow-up support. It is this support that will ensure the success of your Sleep Plan. 

I am passionate about helping children and their parents, world wide, build healthy habits so they can get the sleep they deserve.