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Let me be a member of your village and help you and your family get the sleep you all deserve

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Firstly, know that you're NOT ALONE in this struggle, children are not born with the ability to sleep on their own.  As parents it’s our job to support them and teach them how, but WHERE DO WE START? We know that sleep is crucial to our children’s mental and physical health (and ours too.) But we are sleep deprived, and overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information and advice coming our way.    As a trained and Certified Paediatric Sleep Coach it is my privilege to GUIDE YOU through this maze of information and provide you with a solution that works!  Peaceful Slumber is a Calgary Based infant and toddler sleep consulting practice available to provide parents world wide  with emotional and educational support to help your child with their sleep needs.

Peaceful Slumber is dedicated to changing the lives of sleepless families. Providing families near and far with consultations and individual sleep training plans designed for your unique family and parenting style.  Our philosophy:  Offering gentle support and sleep help for families while promoting secure attachment,  supportive of breastfeeding, attachment parenting, infant mental health and informed choice.

 Your child will learn to:

  • Happily and independently fall asleep

  • Go to bed at an age appropriate time

  • Take long, restorative naps

  • Wake up after the sun rises

  • Eliminate night feedings if age appropriate

  • Sleep through the night

Your journey to happy, healthy sleep starts here.  Let's talk about how I can help you increase the quality of sleep for your whole family.  Book your complimentary 15 minute call today.

Are you an exhausted parent struggling with getting your little one to take naps or sleep at night? Peaceful Slumber Paediatric Sleep Solutions provides infant toddler and preschooler sleep help